jukebox Seeburg SCD-1

Seeburg Crusader ESCD-1 400H5

This jukeboxs have been in the house since it was new.
Has been in storage for many years now. CD is old-fashioned but I remember it was good sound in the big cabinet.

The idea is to modify the jukebox to a Bluetooth speaker.

text from the web:

this is by far, the loudest and best sounding CD jukebox ever produced.
it has a killer Mosfet type amplifier.
No jukebox ever sounded like this before.
An extremely efficient sound system consisting of:
Two 12 inch bass reflex woofers, two 5×7 inch poly cone mid range speakers and two 2¼ x 6 inch horn tweeters. Enough power to fill an auditorium.
Remote Control Included.

enable it to play sound via the RCA input.

The jukebox  has an aux input only need to enable the amplifier.

by adding the blue and Purple wire to ground.

sound all the time.

Bluetooth installation:

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