chippe chines lan relay

chippe chines lan relay

Bought 2 pieces of these cheap relay boxes. There was no info with the shipment


Password: 123456

The program for settings are  EIOCSetting or NEConfig 


Device provides a more convenient way WEBAPI HTTP -based and supports JSONP way to achieve cross-border operation . Simple to a local HTML file can control relay.
For details on WEBAPI-V2 can be viewed from the commodity user manual.
On the control relay through local HTML file, you can see a description of the top downloaded compressed package from commodities.

Example A:
Example A Description: Relay 4 is set to close
Example A Response : {“v”:1}
Example B:
Example B Description: The relay 3 is set to release
Example B Response : {“v”:0}
Example C:
Example C Description: The Relay 4 is set to close , asked to return JSONP data
Example C Response : JQUERY1234567({“n”:4,”v”:1})


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